anahita, goals, oil company

anahita, goals

Company goals

The main goals of the refinery will be as follows:

  • - Supplying Oil Products to meet the consumption of Kermanshah province and west of Iran.
  • - Producing oil products(vehicle fuels) with the Euro-V specifications
  • - Creation of a lot of direct jobs and thousands indirect jobs in different educational fields for one of the most deprived areas in the country.
  • - Development of industries in the province is the other goal of this project.
  • - Prevention of crude oil exporting and producing higher added value products.
  • - Increase knowledge and technical skills of local human resources.
  • - Possibility of exporting extra products to gain more national income.
  • - Improve quality and quantity of consuming products in the area.
  • - More added values of products by new Petro-refinery plant in comparing with classic Oil refinery.
  • - Providing of Petro-chemical / Chemical Products to meet the consumption of west of Iran and possibility of downstream product chain by attraction of crowd finance.
  • - Improving project economic parameters.