Setting new records in the development of the 13th phase of South Pars

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Setting new records in the development of the 13th phase of South Pars

The planning and control officer of South Pars Phase 13 project, while explaining the progress of various parts of this project, said: South Pars Phase 13 has achieved unique records in the stages of construction, installation and commissioning with an overall progress of 93.4% since the beginning of 2016.
According to Shana, referring to Pars Oil and Gas Company, Reza Moveidi pointed to the greater mobility of the remaining South Pars projects in the last days of 2017 in order to obtain maximum benefits for the country and added: Phase 13 of South Pars is also one of the largest national projects. The country has already reached 93.4% progress in the total sea and land sectors.

He stated that the acceleration of the development of phase 13 of South Pars has increased significantly in the last 20 months, he said: since the beginning of 2016, phase 13 has progressed by 11.4% in the whole project, and 13% progress in the construction and commissioning section. Platforms, 31% progress in the construction of main and subsidiary pipelines and 11.5% progress in the drilling sector has been a record.

The planning and control officer of South Pars phase 13 project continued: 91.47% progress of construction, installation and commissioning of the four platforms of this phase, simultaneous loading, installation and commissioning of two marine platforms of this project, along with the completion of the construction of marine pipelines, is a sign of improvement. The level of knowledge of oil and gas industry specialists in the country.

Muyidi emphasized: The offshore industry has entered a new era of growth and development, inspired by the lessons learned from the past and entering the design, engineering, construction, implementation and commissioning of offshore platforms without the presence of foreign experts.

He called the launch of two decks A and C and the completion of the drilling operations of the positions of these two platforms as work priorities for the next year and said: With the completion of these two platforms, the gas production capacity from the position of phase 13 of South Pars will be completed to the amount of 56 million cubic meters per day. will receive.

The person in charge of planning and control of South Pars Phase 13 project announced the progress of the refinery part of this project at 94.81% and reminded: currently there are four gas lines, one acid gas treatment line, one ethane production line, gas condensate production unit and granulation unit. Sulfur refinery phase 13 receiving sour gas from platform 13B and phases 6 to 8 are in operation.

Mavidi continued: Also, the launch of the first propane and butane production units until 30th of Bahman this year and the completion of storage tanks for these two valuable products in the petrochemical industry will be postponed to next year.

He said that the most important achievement of the development of South Pars megaprojects is the training of experts and associates and said: In the past years, thousands of human resources working in various technical, engineering, operational, executive, etc. departments of South Pars projects gradually got to know the way of implementing large projects. And this is considered the biggest capital for the country.

The planning and control officer of South Pars Phase 13 Project, pointing out that Iran is on the verge of achieving a new record in gas extraction from the South Pars Common Reservoir, stated that the income from the sale of South Pars products will significantly contribute to the productivity of the country's economy. .